Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What color is your Business? ~Stephanie

Here is the second artist to answer our question: What color is your Business?  I've followed Stephanie in her online life for a while now, and she seems like such a happy, energetic person.  Here is her answer.

Stephanie Amos of Koi Studios

Name of business: KoiStudios

Social media links:

Years in business: 7 years

I live in the mountains of Colorado with my amazing husband, three loving dogs, two handsome horses, and the queen of all cats. When I'm not out riding, I am usually in one of the two studios at our home where I paint, throw, sculpt and shoot my camera. I am more or less a free spirit in the sense that I can never sit still and am easily distracted by my interest in trying something new. I am fascinated with color and texture which is not limited to just art, but architecture as well. I love to travel and have been to many beautiful places and look forward to seeing the rest of the world real soon. 

What color describes your business?

After putting much thought into this I have concluded that orange describes KoiStudios. I have three reasons why. One is that orange is one of my favorite colors. It’s such a cheerful color and makes me happy. I would hope that anyone that collects my art is happy when they receive a package from KoiStudios. The second reason is that orange is a warm and inviting color, one that represents me and my business well. The last reason reflects the name of my business, KoiStudios. When I think of koi fish, I immediately think of the orange koi first. So naturally, orange is the best color that describes my business!

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