Friday, May 4, 2012

What color is your Business? ~Alease

Here is Alease, who is obviously very business-oriented, and her answer to the question.

Alease Michelle of 
The School of Creative Business

Name of Business: 
The School of Creative Business
Social sites:
Twitter: Alease Michelle

Years in business:  

As an expert, Alease lends knowledge to the press, editorials and serves as a subject-matter expert. She is a sought-after presenter in the areas of creative marketing, personal image, branding and fashion.

As a professor, Alease is committed to her student’s education, furthering their exposure and considers their success a direct reflection of herself.

As a mixed-media artist, Alease participated in several exhibitions. Wishing to market her artistic endeavors, she found little advice available. This, coupled with her passion for education – she tracked her online marketing & branding journey and founded The School of Creative Business.

Current Projects:
On a 12 Week Sabbatical

101 Free Resources to Grow Your Creative Business

Creative Entrepreneurs of the Month Interviews

Starting Points for Creative Entrepreneurs webinars

What color describes your business?
Blue- not in a depressing way, but in the positive enlighten way.  Blue is uplifting to me. Makes me look forward to the next day.

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