Tuesday, May 8, 2012

What color is your Business? ~Jean

From Seattle, we have Jean, who works in colorful jewelry.  She also does art journaling, and other fun creative projects!  Here is her answer to our question:

Jean Simrose

What color describes your business?
I’ve always had an affinity to turquoise. When I was designing my business cards I decided to use a favorite photograph my husband took of a dragonfly. To make the picture more dramatic we decided to make a color negative of it. The red dragonfly turned out turquoise and the green rosebud turned purple.
Turquoise: represents a higher heart; creative communicators; trusting intuition and femininity.
Purple: represents higher mind power; good judgment; peace of mind and inspiration.
I love these two colors together and they seem to fit with my creative business.

Tomorrow, we have Sonya's answer to the question.  Don't forget, if you want to learn more or read other answers, click here.

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