Tuesday, May 1, 2012

What color is your Business? ~Kelly W.

Welcome to the first post of the 10 Women 10 Businesses 10 Questions series!  I'll be posting every weekday for two weeks, with the answer to this question:  What Color Describes Your Business??  Each day, I'll have an answer from a different artist and then on the last day, May 14th, I'll post my answer to the question.  I thought this was a fun question - if you have any thoughts about the color of your business, please post it in the comments section.  I'd love to read it!

And now, introducing.....

Kelly Warren of Happy Shack Designs

Name of business: Happy Shack Designs

Social media links:
For my website, visit http://www.happyshackdesigns.com
For my jewelry on Etsy, visit http://happyshackdesigns.etsy.com
For my art and photos on Etsy, visit http://kellywarrenphotoart.etsy.com

Years in business: 7

Bio: An artist with a short attention span, I create work in artisan jewelry, fine art photography, mixed media, and book arts. I've also been known to sew a thing or two. I work full-time by day as the Director of Student Life and Leadership Development at a large four-year college in Florida, and am the lucky mama to wonderfully sweet eight-year-old twin red-headed daughters. I have been married to a handsome man of great patience who's put up with my art shenanigans for 17 years now.

What color describes your business?
“I cannot pretend to feel impartial about colors. I rejoice in the brilliant ones and am genuinely sorry for the poor browns.” ~ Sir Winston Churchill. 
Did you know that Winston Churchill was also an artist?  And his quote sums up my love of color. What color describes my business?  Bright, happy colors! The name of my business I think clearly reflects my outlook on life and my love of color.  When you think of a “happy shack,” what color do you picture it to be? I certainly don’t think of brown.  I think of bright Caribbean blue, with pink porch ceilings and aqua doors. Every room inside this little shack is painted a different color, each just as happy.  And in this, my friends, I have truly described for you what my own home looks like to a T.  And that love of color is reflected in my work. My jewelry designs are filled with brightly colored handmade glass beads and gemstones, my photography is juicy with saturated color, and my mixed media work is spilling in color as well. I can’t pick a favorite.  I love every color on God’s beautiful rainbow.   

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